My research focuses on observations and the interpretation of the physical processes of the coastal and upper ocean. At the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) I am working on submesoscale features, air-sea gas exchange processes, wave breaking and gas bubble injection, rogue wave formation, as well as flow-topography interaction. The observations are, or will be, carried out off Southern California and Bermuda as well as the coastal waters of Western and Eastern Canada. Many aspects of this research are closely related to interdisciplinary processes from chemistry and biology. In addition, I will further develop instruments for measurements of gas bubbles and dissolved noble gases.

In particular, my research interests are:

  • Submesoscale Fronts, Eddies, and Filaments
  • Air-sea gas exchange, gas bubble dynamics
  • Flow-topography interaction and tidal fronts
  • Hydraulically controlled flow
  • Flow exchange through sea straits
  • Rogue wave formation and wave-current interaction
  • Estuarine circulation
  • Biological-physical interaction in tidal fronts