Analysis of in-situ observations in the Strait of Gibraltar

Tom Avsic1), Uwe Send1), and Burkard Baschek2)

1) Institut fur Meereskunde, Physikalische Ozeanography II, Kiel, Germany
2) Institute of Ocean Sciences, Sidney, BC, Canada

The 2nd Meeting on the Physical Oceanography of Sea Straits, Villefranche, 15th-19th April 2002

During the EU-project CANIGO intensive ship-board observations were carried out in April 1996 and October 1997 in order to observe the spatial and temporal variability of the flow, of the internal bore and of the water mass structure in the Strait of Gibraltar. An inverse model for the current and interface-fluctuations was developed to remove tidal currents from the measurement and to calculate the volume transport for the in and outflow seperately. In addition traveltime measurements across the strait have been analysed to test the suitability of acoustical instruments for a longterm monitoring of the exchange through the strait.